Big Week

This is a big week. The first set of students living on campus arrives on Monday (today!). The rest arrive on Tuesday. The faculty and directors travel to Westlake on Wednesday for a retreat. Then, on Thursday, new student orientation begins and we won’t catch our breath until the school year ends in May.

Big week is right.

It is hard to capture in words how excited we are at Pepperdine Law that the new students are arriving. At the same time, however, I realize that the family and friends of our new law students are experiencing a wide range of emotions. Excitement is definitely one of them, but apprehension is usually standing close by – even sadness for those that have to say tearful goodbyes.

All in all, we are all having a big week.

As I launch this brand new blog for the family and friends of our law students, I think it is an appropriate beginning to do my best to assure you that you are releasing those that you love into good hands. There are good reasons to feel apprehension at the outset of law school – surviving is no easy task. However, it is my hope that you find a measure of peace in knowing that “your” student is a part of a special class of students that will be welcomed with open arms in a way that I suspect no other law school can match.

If you doubt my assertion, I challenge you to find out how many law schools have a dean like ours that is making sure that every on-campus apartment has a vase and flower in it with a welcome note from the dean herself!!! It was fun this morning to implement Dean Tacha’s idea with some of our upper division student mentors!

Please feel free to light up the comment boards and get to know one another. I have high hopes that this blog can be a place for us all to stay connected. These law students keep me hopping, so regular updates will be a challenge – but I enjoy a good challenge!

Welcome to ALL of you to the Pepperdine Family.


8 thoughts on “Big Week

  1. Bob Walker says:

    Thank you Al, for instituting this blog and keeping us parents informed.
    Bob Walker

  2. Christy says:

    Thanks Professor Sturgeon for taking the time to keep us posted. I have started reading a book entitled “One L” by Scott Turow — I’m wondering how his experiences will compare to the One L’s that will begin their journey into Pepperdine Law this week. Has anyone else out there heard or read this book? If so what are your thoughts? My husband and I are looking forward to your posts. We are so excited about our daughter starting Pepperdine Law School! 😀

    • Al Sturgeon says:

      Thanks, Christy! I have not read “One L” but I know that it is a very popular book. How would you describe the experiences Turow describes? Since I haven’t read it, I am afraid to make too many comparisons.

      But I’ll throw out a couple of general thoughts.

      First, I found law school to be a great psychological challenge. It does challenge how you think and who you are, and Pepperdine Law is no exception to that part of the experience. This doesn’t happen first day — or even to every single student — but speaking generally, law school does lead students into uncharted territory. I plan to spend some blog entries along the way explaining this phenomenon.

      But second, at the same time, I found Pepperdine Law to be a place where students find deep support throughout the challenge. I came to law school as a middle-aged guy who didn’t think I needed support, but I learned how lucky I turned out to be — that I needed the type of community that Pepperdine provides.

  3. Susan Hollweg says:

    I am in Colorado beginning my teaching year while the rest of our family just said good bye to our son. The first message I received was about the second-years who were kind enough to help them move his items into his 3rd floor apartment. This gesture went a long way in saying welcome after their two day road trip and was very much appreciated. Thank you, also, for this blog!

    Susan hollweg

  4. Trish Jean says:

    Thank you so much for creating this opportunity to follow along and stay informed with our son’s life “in” law school so we can best help him remember there is life “after” law school. I believe this to be just further evidence of God’s answer to many prayers that he find an environment where he will be blessed and will have opportunities to bless others. We are a close-knit family and it was, by far, one of the hardest things I have ever done in life to watch him pack his things knowing he was going so far away. At the same time, we are so excited to see God’s plan for his life unfold and excited to know that others are supporting him there while we offer all we can from so far away. Thanks again and be blessed!

    Trish Jean

    • Al Sturgeon says:

      This is completely my pleasure! I know how hard it is to be miles apart from those you love, but I also know what you mean when you know at the same time that it is the “right thing.” I am glad this blog can be helpful. Please stay in touch!

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