The Preceptor Program

Today, I think I will be able to breathe enough to begin my follow up on our brand new Preceptor Program.  We have 78 local, practicing attorneys and judges who have committed to serve as mentors to our first year students.  About half of our preceptors were able to make it to our kickoff event at the close of orientation last Friday and meet their students (the picture above is from that event).  I will now begin following up with those who were unable to attend.

This is a fantastic opportunity for first year students to meet actual practitioners.  Over the course of the coming year, they will have opportunities to spend time together and begin connecting the doctrine they are learning in class to actual practice.  In addition, they instantly have a friend in the legal profession!

To read a couple of paragraphs about our new preceptor program from the revamped “Student Life” portion of our website, go HERE.


4 thoughts on “The Preceptor Program

  1. Roland Beaudoin says:

    Great idea! In my experience many new lawyers had great academic preparation but little practical knowledge and perspective. As a result their decisions unwittingly did not always promote their client’s best interest. Programs such as your Preceptor Program are valuable and effective.

    Roland Beaudoin, Judge (Ret.)

  2. Barbara says:

    This is a great idea, unfortunately my daughter’s assigned person was not able to come to the event. Will there be a make-up time for those who missed out on this opportunity.

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