SBA Beach Day

You know your student is roughing it in law school when the Student Bar Association has the ability to plan a “beach day” in Malibu!  Each year, the SBA plans this event early in the year to welcome everyone.  I was told that last Saturday’s event was another hit, and a lot of students turned out to enjoy the sun and the sand — and the volleyball, food, and music, too!  Thanks to our wonderful SBA president, Jenna Blackmon, for sharing a couple of pics with me from last weekend.

I am repeatedly told (and your students will be, too) that one could never focus on studying in Malibu.  I have a serious response to that mostly facetious statement.  On one hand, I see some merit.  It is logical to think that a beautiful day on the beach is far more appealing than hours toiling away in a library.  But on the other hand, the reality is that the pressure cooker of law school makes it very difficult to just blow off academics.  There is simply far too much at stake.  Therefore, my conclusion is that Malibu is the perfect place to go to law school.  When the pressure starts to get to you — and it does — then what better way to clear the stress than to go out and gaze at the ocean and feel the cool breeze on your face?  People pay money for CD’s that record the ocean for that very purpose!

So, again, I think Pepperdine is a pretty great place to attend law school for several reasons, and I include the beach in that assessment!


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