You may hear the word “outlining” from your students — oh, let’s say, from now until they graduate from law school!  “Outlining” is really not a nebulous concept (it is just what it sounds like), but it tends to take on mystical proportions among first year law students.  The ability to take a LOT of material and distill it down to the concepts you need to have in your brain for a law school examination is critical to academic success.  And it isn’t easy.

Yesterday, Professor Naomi Goodno presented an ASP Skills Workshop on outlining.  At least 106 students (those that signed my attendance list) crowded into one of our large classrooms to hear what she had to say.  I sat in on the entire session, and I must say that the students received a fantastic overview of how to approach this critical skill.


2 thoughts on “Outlining

  1. Rudy and Tracy Spano says:

    A few months ago Tracy and I rented “The Paper Chase” to get Hollywood’s realistic view of law school. One of the story lines was the 4 or 5 1Ls outlining their classes for each other. One student in particular had a hard time of it. I don’t remember any scenes of the ASP class in outlining in the movie. (Must have been left on the cutting room floor.)
    Thanks ASP for providing this valuable skills class.

    • Al Sturgeon says:

      Ha! What’s the saying, “We’ve come a long ways, baby”?!?!

      The ASP movement has become a national movement, and I am glad. Law school is grueling, and maybe that is desirable, but in my estimation there is nothing good in hiding the secrets so that some operate at a disadvantage come testing time.

      It is great having Joe around here!

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