Spiritual Life at the School of Law

I had the honor of making a presentation to the Religious Standards Committee of the Pepperdine University’s Board of Regents this morning on faith-based initiatives at the School of Law.  It is always fun (and beneficial) to take a step back and look at the big picture.  The Regents were receptive to the work being done in this area at the law school, and it was encouraging to spend time with them.

As you probably know, Pepperdine is a Christian university with a specific background in the “Church of Christ” tradition.  As an extension of that background, Pepperdine chooses to welcome people from all faith backgrounds, including those without a faith background.  If you ever have questions about Pepperdine’s religious background or approach to spiritual life, please do not hesitate to ask me.  In many ways, I have the responsibility of running point in this area.

This year, I surveyed our incoming students to get a sense of the religious preferences of the students.  I used the census categories, and here are the results:

* Christianity (66%)

* Unaffiliated (20%)

* Judaism (8%)

* Other (5%)

* Buddhism (0.5%)

* Islam (0.5%)

I found the “unaffiliated” number particularly interesting.

HERE is a link to the section of the Student Life Office website that provides a broad overview of the spiritual life initiatives at the law school.


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Life at the School of Law

  1. Rudy and Tracy Spano says:

    Dean Sturgeon, the spiritual life at Pepperdine was an important component of our son’s choosing to go there. He is availing himself of the many opportunities for involvement in the faith community. What Tracy and I are impressed with is that beyond the specifics of the spiritual life initiatives at the law school, there is a sense of Christian values that inform and shape the actions of faculty, staff and students in their response to students and parents. I am reminded of the maxim attributed to Saint Francis, “Preach the Gospel always: when necessary, use words”. We are pleased to know that Joe has found such a community in which to pursue his law degree.

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