Essay Exam Writing

Wow.  We had over 110 students show up for our ASP skills workshop on “outlining” last week, so I made about 110 copies for Professor Gash’s “essay exam writing” workshop yesterday.  Professor Gash caught me prior to the workshop to say we should make some extra copies, so I made 40 more.  I still underestimated and had to make one more trip to the copier!  Looks like we ended up with 155 students crowding in to hear Professor Gash hold forth on how to write essays on a law school exam.

It is one thing to draw a crowd, and quite another to provide them with quality information.  Yesterday’s workshop was a hit on both fronts.  It was great fun for me to see the proverbial light bulbs flipping on all over the room.  Those rare moments when you feel you start to “get” law school are priceless!

Since Professor Gash is still “Dean” Gash to me (because I have the honor of succeeding him in my current role), it was especially fun for me for so many students to get the privilege of learning from him.  If you want special insight into his life, check out his BLOG chronicling his family’s African adventure earlier this year.


2 thoughts on “Essay Exam Writing

  1. Roland says:

    I’m amazed at the resources for law students at Pepperdine that I don’t believe were available in my experience 35-40 years ago!

    • Al Sturgeon says:

      We are proud of the support we provide, but I cannot claim full credit for Pepperdine. “Academic support” has been a national movement in the past decade or so, intending to provide a level playing field for everyone. It is an encouraging development, and I am proud to be tagged into such a movement!

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