The Honor Board

Last evening, I had the privilege of attending a dinner at Dean Tacha’s home.  Our dean regularly has student groups in her home, and last night she hosted the student-run Honor Board.  The Honor Board has the important responsibility of enforcing our Honor Code, and this year’s board is led by the wonderful combination of 3L co-chairs, Xochitl Cortez and Lindsey Dodge.

We dined outdoors on a beautiful Malibu evening, and in the middle of dinner, Dean Tacha asked the students to each stand, introduce themselves, and share a few words about what led them to choose service on the Honor Board.  I cannot describe how neat it was to sit under an early moon and stars and listen to these impressive students explain what led them to volunteer their time for a cause we simply call “honor.”  The word “integrity” is not taken lightly at Pepperdine Law, and it was encouraging to hear this diverse gathering of students explain why they are willing to stand up for integrity.

I meant to take a picture of this wonderful group, but I failed to do so.  However, some of us tossed around the idea of a potluck gathering at my house at some point in the future (prompted by word that Louis Scotti bakes a mean dessert!), so I hope to get another chance.


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