Happy Family Day!

I am excited that today is Family Day!  I know not everyone can be here, but I look forward to meeting several of you that can be here today.  Margaret Barfield, who has assembled many Family Days over the years, tells me that we anticipate a larger crowd than normal today!

Registration begins at 8:30am,  and then family members have the opportunity to sit in on an actual Civil Procedure class with their students.  I sure hope none of the parents and spouses get called on in class today — surely you did your reading just in case!  🙂

Following class (and a short break), we will assemble all the families for a panel discussion.  Dean Tacha will provide a welcome, and then Dean Cupp, Director Oliver, and I will talk about “Law School Life.”  This will be a great time for questions, and we will do our best to provide some answers.

After the panel (and another short break), families will have the unique opportunity to witness the final round of an advocacy tournament.  Two of our upper division students will square off in front of a panel of actual judges to see who will be crowned champion of this year’s Armand Arabian Advocacy Tournament!

We have a special luncheon planned for the families in attendance at 12:45pm.  Following lunch, the final item on the agenda is the opportunity to receive a guided building tour at 1:30pm.  Then, you will be free to enjoy a beautiful Malibu afternoon!

I hope to snap a few pictures along the way to share with those that cannot be here today.  For those unable to attend, please know that you are always welcome to drop by for a visit whenever you are in the area.


8 thoughts on “Happy Family Day!

  1. Mary C Sanchez says:

    I want to thank all of you wonderful Deans, Professors, staff and students at Pepperdine University School of Law for such an informative and enjoyable Family Day! My daughter is a first year law student, Strauss Student, as well as a 2008 graduate of Seaver, and every time I had the opportunity to attend an event at Pepperdine, hosted by any division, I am reminded of just how extremely fortunate she is to be enrolled there, and how extremely fortunate we parents are, knowing that our loved ones are attending a school not only with an excellent academic curriculum, but one with such a remarkable sense of community, caring and compassion for them, and their success, that is so unique! Pepperdine truly is a Family of Families, and I am so proud to say that we are a part of it! God bless you all!

  2. Mary C Sanchez says:

    OOPS!!! My mistake!!! In my previous comment I meant to say my daughter is a first year law student, Strauss Student, as well as a 2012 graduate of Seaver!

  3. Al Sturgeon says:

    Thanks for these kind words, Mary! It is an honor to work with such fantastic students!

  4. Roland says:

    I agree with Mrs. Sanchez! I also enjoyed a brief conversation with you and meeting Professor Miller. The day was enjoyable and worth the approximately 6,200 mile round trip from Maine. Did I win the award for traveling the farthest?

    • Al Sturgeon says:

      I am confident you are the winner, Roland! You would probably win even against some of our international students (had they brought their families)!

      It was a pleasure to meet you in person.

  5. Mary C Sanchez says:

    Well what do you know! A fellow New Englander! Roland, I was actually born and raised in Boston, and relocated to Cali when I married, as my husband was living here. So, our kids are native Californians, and may I say it gets quite ugly during basketball season, lol!

    • Roland says:

      What about baseball? The Red Sox were awful this year!

      • Mary C Sanchez says:

        Sure were a disappointment! I remain a Boston/New England sports fan (of course for collegiate sports, I cheer Pepperdine all the way! Go Waves!), and since my immediate family, and all in-laws, are comprised of Laker fanatics, it seems the rivalry of Lakers/Celtics really turns on the heat, with me being a cheering squad of 1, lol!

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