Mentor Groups

At Pepperdine Law, we have various layers of mentor programming in addition to the natural relationships that students develop during the course of their studies.  We have faculty mentors assigned to all new students.  We have student mentors assigned to all new students.  This year, we added the Preceptor Program to provide a layer of alumni/practitioner mentoring to all of our first year students.

Later this week, I will travel to Minnesota for a conference on mentoring in the legal profession.  We hope to keep learning how to do all this mentoring better and better.

This year, I get to serve as the faculty mentor for a group of transfer students.  I also get to work with a wonderful “transfer student mentor” who went through the transfer process last year (and, as a result, is far better equipped to do the mentoring part than I am!).  Last evening, my family had this group over for dinner, and it was such fun getting to know these students a little better.  Kara, Shar, Ashley, and Greg all come from different parts of the country and all transferred in from different schools.  They are all impressive people with such warm personalities, and I am reminded of the great privilege we have here of welcoming such a diverse group of folks into one remarkable community.


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