Big Weather

Malibu is a strange, wonderful place.

I grew up in the northeastern tip of Arkansas.  When it came to weather, we had a little bit of everything.  We had snow and ice in the winter, which gave way to violent thunderstorms and blooming flowers in the spring.  In summer, we would see scorching triple digit temperatures, which gave way in the fall to gorgeous displays of color as the leaves made their annual changes.

Malibu, on the other hand, apparently picked one weather condition (which I call: “perfect”) and cloned it for nearly every day of the year.  I choose not to complain.

The oddest feature of Malibu weather is how little it rains.  When it does rain, it is typically a gentle drizzle.  I have lived here over four years now, and I think I have heard it thunder maybe three times?

So today is a big weather day in Malibu — a chance of thunder!!!  I went for a run this morning, and it was drizzling some weird substance from the sky (smile).  Now, however, looking out my office window, it simply looks like another beautiful day.

I have to smile when I hear people make fun of Californians and all the natural disasters — earthquakes, wildfires, and mudslides.  I hear this from my friends that live in tornado alley.  I hear it from my friends in hurricane country.  I hear it from my friends in the land of blizzards.  Truth be told, none of us live in a place completely protected from Mother Nature.

What I want the family and friends of our students to know is that Pepperdine University takes the possibility of natural disasters very seriously.  You should know that our campus is the staging area for fire fighting personnel in the area — in other words, there is nowhere safer to be in an emergency in our area than our campus.  You can learn more about emergency communications at Pepperdine HERE.

Well, I’d better get on with my day.  I hope I don’t get sprinkled on!  🙂


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