Clinical Education Program

I fully intended to attend a luncheon hosted by our Clinical Education Program yesterday, but so many students showed up that there wasn’t room for me!  This is the sort of problem that makes me smile.  There are actually two identical luncheons this week (yesterday and today), but I have a standing lunch meeting on Thursdays so I cannot make it today.  Still, I heard that many more students plan to attend the luncheon today!

One of the major benefits of the changes made to our first year curriculum this year is enhanced opportunities for our students to participate in clinics and externships in their upper division years.  I am glad to see that so many students are coming out early to learn of the possibilities.

The super short way to describe clinics/externships is that they provide students opportunities to earn academic credit by doing real legal work with real clients under the supervision of a licensed attorney.  More than just “working,” however, the students have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and receive feedback and instruction from their instructors.

Here is the link to information about our Clinical Education Program:


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