Prayer Service

University Chaplain (and friend), Dave Lemley, invited the School of Law to host a Christian Prayer Service yesterday afternoon.  In addition to the faculty, staff, and students that chose to participate, we were joined by President Benton, Dean Tacha, and the Dean of Students at Seaver College, Mark Davis.

After Director Oliver welcomed everyone, two of our super-talented first-year students, Niki Cid and Jonathan Moore, led a song.  Then, Professor Hilary Reed shared a reading from Scripture that led into a devotional message from the Director of Law Associates, Stephen Butler.  Finally, Chaplain Lemley led us all in a thoughtful prayer.  It was a very nice service from start to finish.

One of my favorite parts of yesterday’s prayer service came when Chaplain Lemley gave us the opportunity for silence.  It struck me how little time I allow for quietness during the work day.  I do have my regular quiet times, but they surely aren’t at the office!  Maybe that would be a good habit to develop, however.  Not sure if I will follow through with such a change to my routine, but it is definitely a thought worthy of consideration.


3 thoughts on “Prayer Service

  1. Dee Hayes says:

    I’ve recently adopted a 5-15 minute morning meditation of silence. The benefit of being centered stays with me all day. You might give it a try!

  2. Rudy and Tracy Spano says:

    One of my favorite pieces of scripture is 1 Kings 19:11:13. We all need time away from the hustle, bustle and volume of our lives to hear those small voices and whispers. Easier said than done.

  3. Al Sturgeon says:

    Thanks, guys. I’m pretty good at some morning solitude. What struck me was the power of stopping for just a short time in the middle of the hectic day!

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