Canned Immunity

“Canned Immunity” is one of my favorite events — and one of the most clever, too!  Phi Delta Phi, one of our academic fraternities, hosts Canned Immunity each year to collect food for the Los Angeles Food Bank.  The concept is that in classes with participating professors (and most do participate), if you bring a can of food to class and set it on the desk in front of you, then you are “immune” from being called on in class!  For professors that really get into it, they can match the student can for can.  During my 1L year, one of my classmates and our Torts professor went can for can until each had about thirty cans on the desk!

What a fun and creative way to bring in donations for such a worthy cause!

For students that do not have a can, Phi Delta Phi sets up a table in the atrium and sells cans for a dollar each.  Canned Immunity started yesterday and continues through tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Canned Immunity

  1. greg bartlett says:

    God watches even the littlest of things and makes them BIG, Bless these students for there thoughfulness of others, Thank you for your blog

    Greg Bartlett

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