One Down

Technically “memo” is a four-letter word, but who would have guessed that such an innocent word could become a dirty word to our 1L class?

Many of you know that the 1L class has been feverishly composing a memo for their Legal Research & Writing (LRW) course that is due today.  I believe this memo is worth 70% of the grade in this course.

I do not have pleasant memories of working on the memo, but I do have a rather fond memory of how it feels to turn it in!  In short, turning in this memo signals the end of LRW for the fall semester.  As a result, full attention can be devoted to the final exam period.  For this year’s class, with LRW completed, there are three courses that remain prior to a much-anticipated semester break — Civil Procedure (final on December 5), Torts (final on December 10), and Property (final on December 14).

When today is over, the 1Ls can say, “One down, three to go!”


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