Thanksgiving is Never Really Over, but the Break is Over!

We had quite a feast on Thanksgiving Day!  Professor Gash and his family graciously allowed my family to use their home to host law students for Thanksgiving Dinner.  After surviving a little power outage on Thanksgiving Eve, twenty of us gathered together for an amazing meal.  Among many reasons I have to be grateful, I was especially cognizant of two: (1) the privilege of spending time with so many wonderful students; and (2) my amazing wife — how many wives out there would allow their husband (who can’t cook) to issue an open Thanksgiving invitation to 650 people?

But today, it is painfully obvious that Thanksgiving break is over and finals season is close at hand.  Classes will meet today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, followed by our final exam period that runs from December 3 to December 14.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving is Never Really Over, but the Break is Over!

  1. lorieinhorn says:

    Just a beautiful gift you provided to all those students. You have a wonderful family

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Bob Walker says:

    Our son and daughter in law were two of the fortunate ones that enjoyed sitting at your table for Thanksgiving. Since they could not come home we appreciate your kind attention to them on Thanksgiving day. Thank you sincerely,
    Bob and Beth

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