Day Nine, Etc.

Well, it is almost over.  Today is the last set of fall semester finals for upper division students — all that will remain is the last final for 1Ls tomorrow morning!

On tap this morning:

* Asylum & Refugee Law with Judge Einhorn

* Community Property with Professor Miller

On tap this afternoon:

* Juvenile Law with Professor Brackelmans


The Salvation Army arrived yesterday to pick up the amazing collection of toys our students purchased for children with at least one incarcerated parent.  Simply heartwarming!

You can read the story HERE.



3 thoughts on “Day Nine, Etc.

  1. Vivian Cid says:

    Angel Tree! Yay! Way to go law students!

  2. Rudy and Tracy Spano says:

    Yet, earthly eyes, blinded. too, by its splendor, could never know that the lowly gift of the Littlest Angel was what all men would call forever “The Shining Star of Behlehem!” Charles Tazewell. Merry Christmas and God Bless Annie, the CLS and the Pepperdine Law Student gift givers.

  3. Al Sturgeon says:

    Thank you all!!!!!!!!

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