New Classes!

Today we welcome the students back to classes!  I am sure everyone enjoyed the break (and I’m sure it wasn’t long enough!).

The big news for 1Ls this week will be the release of first semester grades.  If all goes as planned, their grades will be released Friday afternoon.  More on that later in the week.

Today, the focus is new classes.  There is one carry-over class from last semester (Legal Research & Writing – 2 units), but otherwise, and for the first time, our first-year students will have all new classes this semester.  Prior to this year, Civil Procedure, Contracts, Property, and Torts were year-long courses.  Now, however, they are one-semester courses, which allows the introduction of new doctrinal subjects into the first-year curriculum.

The lineup of classes this semester is as follows:

* Criminal Law (3 units)

* Constitutional Law (4 units)

* Contracts (4 units)

* Introduction to Ethical Lawyering (2 units)

So, here are the short form words for classes that you will hear repeatedly this semester — Crim Law, Con Law, Contracts, Ethics, and LRW.  Lots of great material to learn, and it all cranks up today!


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