Lunchtime Events

At Pepperdine Law, we protect a lunch hour from course scheduling so that a variety of interesting presentations are available to our student population.  In particular, our student organizations serve as a constant source of these presentations on a wide range of topics.  This year, the student chapter of the Federalist Society has provided a large number of events under the leadership of its student president, Sean O’Neill.  For example, here is an announcement from our weekly newsletters that were sent out this morning:

“Today, January 28, the Federalist Society is hosting Reason Magazine’s Cathy Young and Judge Bruce Einhorn to discuss the “War on Women.” The war on women was a term that was used frequently in the last election cycle and these two speakers will explore the roots of this phrase and debate whether it is fact or fiction. Please join us at 12:30 in room B to participate in this important and interesting discussion. As always lunch will be served.”


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