Sports Law

While the Super Bowl craziness ramped up in New Orleans, two of our impressive third-year students, Kevin Dulaney and Dan Paret, were on the scene battling with teams from forty law schools in the National Baseball Arbitration Competition at Tulane Law School.  Many of the teams on hand had competed in this event multiple times, but this was our first time to participate.  Still, even though our team felt as if they could have finished higher, Kevin and Dan came in ninth place out of the forty teams!  We are proud of this impressive showing!

Dan passed along a link to a blog entry about the event from a senior writer at who served as one of their arbitrators in the competition.  The writer mentioned Pepperdine in the article, which as Dan pointed out, meant that they must have made an impression!

While on the subject of sports law, I should mention that the Pepperdine Law Review has another symposium scheduled this semester.  It is titled, The New Normal in College Sports: Realigned and Reckoning.  It boasts quite an impressive lineup of speakers and ought to be an interesting event!


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