Well-Deserved Attention

Kristee Sherry is one of our super-talented 3Ls.  Kristee is one of a small handful of students whose “student comment” (think: long, scholarly article) was selected for publication in the Pepperdine Law Review.  This is quite an honor.

Yesterday, the honor associated with Kristee’s article went beyond selection for publication when two separate legal blogs singled out her article for praise!  Such attention to a student-authored article is not unprecedented, but it is extremely rare.  I could not be happier for such well-deserved scholarly attention!

You can read the shout-outs HERE and HERE.  In addition, the article itself is found on the Pepperdine Law Review‘s website.


One thought on “Well-Deserved Attention

  1. […] I’ve posted before on the fantastic article one of our recent graduates, Kristina Sherry, published in the Pepperdine Law Review.  Recently, my office neighbor, Associate Vice Chancellor Stephanie Buckley, showed me some attention Kristee’s article received in a prominent trusts and estates magazine.  I did a little searching afterward and was impressed at the wide attention this fine article has received. […]

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