Preceptor Robert T. Simon

I received my copy of California Lawyer this week, and as I glanced through the article on their 2013 Attorneys of the Year, I was pleased to see a shout-out to one of our very best preceptors, Robert T. Simon.  Well-known lawyer, Brian Panish, was listed as the award winner in the “personal injury” category, but Mr. Simon was highlighted as co-counsel on an important 2013 case.

Mr. Simon is an alumnus of the Pepperdine School of Law, and he operates a law firm with his twin brother called The Simon Law Group.  Of special significance to me is the fantastic way he has served as a preceptor this year.  His students simply rave about what he means to them.  Here is just one of the many wonderful things his student mentees have shared: “He is not just a mentor to me, he is someone I look up to, not only for his success but the morals and values he applies to all aspects of his life. Mr. Simon is not only my preceptor but has become my friend and life-long mentor.”


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