Contracts & Cakes


I love the Pepperdine Law community.  Professor Rob Anderson is a popular professor, which isn’t easy when you teach stereotypically dry subjects such as Contracts and Corporations.  And yet, his easygoing personality and great sense of humor leads students to say odd things such as “He makes Contracts fun!”

Yesterday morning, his 1L students made Contracts fun, too.  The story goes that Professor Anderson used a personal example in class recently about a time when, as a child, he committed his family to purchase a Star Wars R2D2 cake for $100 without his parents’ permission.  He used this example to teach contract formation, while presenting it in fun as childhood trauma that he has yet to overcome.  So his class thought it would be fun to surprise him with an R2D2 cake — for therapy, of course!  Leslie Ballinger, a master baker, was tasked with the project, and fellow student, Corey Smith, volunteered to be the sous chef!

Again, I love the Pepperdine Law community.  It is a place where great teachers are also great human beings, and these great people provide a first-class legal education in an environment where a class would go out of its way to make a professor smile in return.


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