The Orange Book


Yesterday marked the beginning of our inaugural Academic Advising Week for 1Ls.  The entire 1L class assembled at lunchtime, and Dean Cupp and I had the opportunity of reviewing “The Orange Book” with the students.

Last spring, Director Carlton Oliver and I had the opportunity to travel to Santa Clara Law to meet with the student life offices of the various California law schools.  Our friends at Santa Clara shared their “Pink Book” with us, which is their version of an academic advising booklet.  The booklet simply combines the vast array of important information on graduation requirements, registration procedures, bar exam information, law school programs, and possible career pathways in one place so that students can more effectively map out their upper division years.  I loved it!

We began collecting information last summer for our own academic advising booklet (we chose orange in honor of Pepperdine’s school colors — blue and orange!).  It was a lengthy process, but it was exciting to be able to share the booklet with the 1L class yesterday.

The rest of Academic Advising Week will consist of lunchtime fairs in our atrium.  On each day, students will be able to meet with various law school resources as they consider how to plan their upper division years.

  • Tuesday is our Program Information Fair.
  • Wednesday is our Clinics & Externships Fair.
  • Thursday is our Faculty Class Fair.
  • Friday is our Career Pathway Networking Fair.

4 thoughts on “The Orange Book

  1. Bob Walker says:

    Thank you for doing this for the 1L students. I am sure this will be very informative and helpful to them as they map out the rest of their law school experience.

  2. Jamie Holzer says:

    Will the Orange book be available online?

    • Al Sturgeon says:

      Yes, it will, Jamie. With the change to pass-fail elections in last week’s faculty meeting, we will need to modify that section first. I hope to work on getting The Orange Book online in the next couple of weeks. Have a great summer, Jamie!

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