Home Stretch

The saying goes that time flies when you are having fun.  It is also said that time flies when you are busy.  I’m not exactly sure what combination of these sayings is responsible, but time surely flies in law school.  (My theory is that the latter is more on point!)

It is almost unbelievable that another academic year is coming to an end.  Classes ended yesterday, and today marks the beginning of a four-day study period prior to the launch of two weeks’ worth of finals on Monday.

There is a palpable tension in the law school during finals season, but the spring semester version feels different.  My experience is that there is a little less fear, but a little more weariness.  At the end of a long year, there seems to be a strong sense that everyone is simply ready to be finished.

And yet, the call to finish strong remains.  I am continually impressed by our students in many ways, which includes the way they buckle down at this time of year and finish strong.  It speaks well of their character and determination.

For those inclined to pray, a word or two for our students’ strength and endurance would be much appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Home Stretch

  1. Vivian Cid says:

    You got it! Praying for strength, endurance, clarity and a shield of protection around all!

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