Christian Scholars Conference


I am in Nashville, Tennessee, for the Christian Scholars Conference at Lipscomb University.  As you can see from the picture above, the title of this year’s conference is “Crises in Ethics” (you can also see I have my Pepperdine umbrella out for business — it never gets used in Malibu, but there is a 100% chance of rain in Nashville!).  It is my first time attending this particular conference, but there is a special emphasis on “the law” this year — and the lineup is outstanding.

Of particular interest to me are the following sessions:

* A plenary address — “The Ethical Legacy of Watergate” — by John Dean, Counsel to President Nixon during the Watergate scandal.

* A session hosted by Professor Cochran (Pepperdine) on “Law and the Bible: Justice, Mercy, and Legal Institutions.”

* A session hosted by famed lawyer, Mark Lanier, on “Ethics and the Law” that will feature an astounding panel with Pepperdine connections: President Ken Starr (Baylor); Justice Jeff Boyd (Texas Supreme Court Justice); Dean Ron Phillips (Dean Emeritus of Pepperdine Law); and President Randy Lowry (Lipscomb President – and founder of Pepperdine’s Straus Institute).

* Our brand new director of clinics/externships, Professor Jeff Baker, is convening two panels — I have the honor of serving on the one titled: “The Ministry of Litigation: The Virtue and Pedagogy of Dignity, Justice, and Love in Professional Education.”


Al Sturgeon


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