A day in the Life…

Every once in a while I’m asked by someone, So what do you do as Director of Student Life?!?!?!

I usually respond that it “Depends on the day” but today I thought I would talk about some of the fun and interesting opportunities I get to be involved in as someone that’s closely connected to our students.

In the most broad sense, my position works across all things “co-curricular” and involves being a resource (advisor) for over 35 student organizations or journals, as well as the Student Bar Association (essentially the law schools student government body).  Since all of these organizations are student led, they often need help in planning, organizing and executing the objectives they have set.  Many student orgs are local chapters of a national club that are required to hold a certain number of events/meetings each semester.  In the case of Pepperdine Law, we have several students groups that receive national attention because of the great value they bring to our law school.


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