Preceptor Spotlight

As many of you know, this Fall will mark the second year of our newly minted ‘Preceptor Program’. The program, which matches 1L’s with local area attorneys or judges, which was deemed a huge success really hinges on the amazing professionals that generously gvve their time and energy to our students.  Today I’ve picked one of last year’s favorite preceptors to feature, Pepperdine School of Law alum, Mark Cramer.

Mark graduated from Pepperdine Law in 1998 and immediately began work as a litigator with Kirkland & Ellis, LLP.  During his 15 year career with the firm, Mark has worked on everything from complex litigation including nationwide class action to arms length contract disputes.  Now a partner with the firm, Mark credits his education at Pepperdine as one of the main reasons for his success.  More impressive still, is Mark’s unwavering commitment to Pepperdine and its students, serving as a member of the School of Law’s Board of Visitors and being willing to be involved in any and all projects asked of him.  One such project involved the production of the School of Law’s Preceptor Video, where Mark again, rose to the occasion,  conveying why this program is special and sorely needed in today’s law school climate.

Please enjoy the Preceptor video found below:

Have a great weekend!



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