Family Intro

Family Time!

I’ve been blogging regularly for a few weeks now and thought I should take time to blog about my favorite people in the whole world!  My family has become a pretty active part of the Pepperdine Law community and they truly enjoy the chance to interact with our students.  My wife Molly and I feel especially called to encourage and interact with our students as many of them are away from home and in need of friends and support to help ease the pressures of law school.  Whether its hosting a group of students for a ‘Game Night’ or having a student over for dinner, we really enjoy our opportunity to meet so many exceptional young people committed to making this world a better place.  The real fun comes when our students get the chance to interact with our boys Cameron (2.5) and Kellen (3 months) who so far don’t believe in the concept of strangers!  In fact, Cameron typically ask about how “Daddy’s students” are doing and when he will get to see them next!  It’s also pretty cool to know we have a small army of potential baby-sitters at our disposal when the time comes.

Community and Family, just a couple aspects highly valued here at Pepperdine Law.



P.S. Baby Kellen clearly wasn’t too happy about the fact that our students won’t be around much this summer! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Family Intro

  1. Carolyn and Dan Stromberg says:

    You have such a beautiful family!!

  2. caoliv01 says:

    Thank you! We are really blessed! Say Hi to Tracy

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