Law and Social Media

I’ve posted before on the fantastic article one of our recent graduates, Kristina Sherry, published in the Pepperdine Law Review.  Recently, my office neighbor, Associate Vice Chancellor Stephanie Buckley, showed me some attention Kristee’s article received in a prominent trusts and estates magazine.  I did a little searching afterward and was impressed at the wide attention this fine article has received.

HERE is a link to a PBS article that includes interview quotes from Kristee.

And HERE is a link to a practitioner’s page that gives high praise to the article.  This link shares the following excerpt that will whet your appetite for the article while displaying Kristee’s excellent writing skill:

“In the vast cyber-universe of millions of websites, billions of e-mails sent daily, and approximately twenty hours worth of amateur video uploaded to YouTube in the time it takes you to read this sentence—collectively sucking our psyches into digital excursions like baby pandas sneezing, small children shimmying to Beyoncé, and increasingly nonsequitur Internet memes—there are few things creepier than the dead Facebook friend.  Yet, according to projections, more than 580,000 Facebook users will die in the United States this year, leaving just as many friends and family members wondering how to best handle a loved one’s persisting postmortem digital presence. Without third-party intervention, a dead Facebooker’s ‘profile’ page will be frozen in time like a pixilated Dorian Gray, colored by iPhone photos, ‘pokes,’ and ‘LOL!’s—possibly for an eternity.”


Al Sturgeon

Assistant Dean for Student Life


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