Day Three and Softball recap

IMG_0294We’ve just started day three here at school and things are really buzzing, lots of students making last minute changes/adjustments to their class schedule and many more enjoying being back on campus with all of their friends.

As I mentioned last Friday, the Faculty/Staff vs. 1L Softball game took place at the beautiful Malibu Bluffs State park It was a perfect day for fun with sandwiches and drinks being provided by SBA.  The men’s baseball team even let the faculty/ staff wear their storied “Orange Crush” jerseys!

The Student team came out swinging and won the first game 6-1 but the fearless faculty decided it would be best to play one more (never a doubt unless they won the first game). In the second game Professors Gash, Scarberry, Taha, McDonald, and Reed combined with Dean Sturgeon, Clinical Director Jeff Baker and staff members Dana Zachariah, Ashleigh Martell- Brunsick and Randi Saxer for a strong 7-2 win to make sure everyone stayed happy!  Most importantly (to me), everyone had fun and there were no major injuries (although some might be a little sore still).  Also, I should mention that the faculty team did bring in a ringer in the second game…2L and former Div 1. baseball player, Jason Brooks.  Let’s just say he had a small role to play in winning game two.

Please enjoy some pictures.



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