Sack Lunch Saturday

sack lunches

I’m not sure how many years law students have been preparing sack lunches for the day laborers that gather at the Malibu Community Labor Exchange, but this is my sixth year to be a part of this good work — and it was going on well before I arrived.

On the first Saturday of each month, a group of law students gather at the George Page Commons to make the lunches.  Some of the students transport the lunches down to the workers for distribution.  Last Saturday was the first “Sack Lunch Saturday” for this academic year, and it was good to see this work continue.  It was also fun to watch Zach (in the blue baseball cap above) take on one of the workers in a game of checkers played under Chilean rules.  🙂

What impresses me the most, however, is that these students — already crunched for time due to study (and just needing a break from time to time!) — take time out of their Saturday to serve others.  It is an honor to watch this up close.


Al Sturgeon

Assistant Dean for Student Life


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