New Student Organizations!

Today marks the final day for students to submit request for new student organizations to be officially recognized by the School of Law.  These organizations serve such an important role in our school ethos, its always exciting to have students commit to doing the work needed to host events, debates and general meetings for a cause they deem worthy.

This year we have one completely new group while another becomes active after being dormant for a few years.  Both groups will be affiliated with their respective national chapters and will be hosting their first official events later this month.

The Alexander Hamilton Society of Pepperdine Law – dedicated to providing a forum for education, debate and scholarship, focusing on international, national and economic  security issues.

The group will be presided over by a pair of 2L’s Olivia H and Laura Jean B.

The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy – dedicated to the American idea of civil discourse and share a concern for the pervasive conservative orthodoxy in American law and politics.  This groups looks to show that the mechanism of law should always serve the best interest of all people to the extent possible.

This group will also be led by a 2L student, Jennifer A.

I’m happy to welcome these new student organizations and all the rich civil discourse they will bring.

Have a great weekend.




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