Pardon our Progress

I confess admiration for the PR mind that developed the phrase “pardon our progress.”  Generally speaking, construction projects are flat out inconvenient, but we can put up with it if we know that the end result is desirable.

We have lockers at the law school.  That seems a bit like middle school, but hauling massive casebooks around on a daily basis makes one appreciate having a place to store such heavy luggage.  This year, we are installing new lockers at the law school.  In the past, student shared a locker, but the new lockers will allow each student (who wants a locker) to have one of her or his own.

The challenge has been the timing of the locker installation.  Because it could not be completed amid the other construction projects over the summer, installation was pushed back until… well… now.  As a result, our 1Ls were not assigned lockers during orientation, and our 2Ls/3Ls have had to clean theirs out for the removal of the old and the installation of the new.

Thankfully, we are making great progress and hope to have the new lockers ready for assignment one week from today.

HERE is a blog post with a picture of the new lockers from Phil Bohl, Assistant Dean for Information Services, who oversees this project.


Al Sturgeon

Assistant Dean for Student Life


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