Classes End, Finals Season Begins, and Holidays in the Air

Today is the last day of classes for the fall semester.  Typically, classes do not end until after the Thanksgiving holiday, but our academic calendar is a little different because Thanksgiving falls so late this year.

It is a bittersweet day for students.  There is a definite measure of relief in the conclusion of classes, but the looming final exams simply means that the intensity of the semester ramps up.

Still, it is Thanksgiving week, and there is time (at least) to pause and eat a good meal with family and/or friends.  Because we have students from all over the world and many do not have time to go home for Thanksgiving, my family is honored to host students that need a place to spend Thanksgiving.  Professor Jim Gash is going out of town for the holiday but has graciously loaned his house (with a double oven!) to my family for this purpose again this year.  It looks like we will have around twenty-five people for Thanksgiving dinner!

As the semester winds down, I have enjoyed seeing a couple of holiday-themed pictures show up from our great students.  The following pictures are from one of our 1L sections (Section C!) and from the staff of the Pepperdine Law Review.

Section C (Class of 2016)



Al Sturgeon

Assistant Dean for Student Life


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