2014 AALS Annual Meeting


I have received several emails in the past couple of days from students struggling to return to Malibu due to the inclement winter weather throughout a large section of the United States.  Ironically, I have received these messages while I am in New York City for the American Association of Law Schools (AALS) annual meeting.  (You can see the seven inches of snow in the picture above that I took just down the street from our conference!)  As of now (Sunday evening), my early Monday morning return flight is one of the lucky ones reportedly on schedule for take-off.  We shall see if that good fortune continues!

Several Pepperdine Law faculty and administrators were able to attend the AALS annual meeting this year.  Dean Tacha hosted a Pepperdine reception on the opening night of the conference, and all of us had the opportunity to learn through an amazing array of presentations during the annual meeting, including some from our very own — Professors Helfand, McNeal, Muller, and Peterson.  

I had the pleasure of sitting in on the following presentations related to my job responsibilities:

  • Early Intervention for At Risk Students
  • Transfer Students: The Impact on Admissions and Student Services
  • Stimulants and Law Students — From Use to Abuse — What Are the Signs and How Can We Effectively Intervene?
  • Advising Students with Accommodations from Admission to Practice
  • Student Crisis Management
  • Addressing the Implications of Student Conduct Issues in Law Schools
  • Professional Identity: Helping Students Transition to Professional School

An equally important benefit of national conferences such as these is the opportunity to connect with colleagues from around the country.  I was able to reconnect with colleagues from past conferences as well as form new connections.  The ideas that emerge from these informal conversations alone make the trip worthwhile.


Al Sturgeon

Assistant Dean for Student Life


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