Interfaith Student Council

Interfaith Student Council

It is that time of year when student organizations host their last meetings and make plans for next year.  Last evening, my family had the pleasure of hosting the final meeting of the year for our Interfaith Student Council (pictured above).  My family has had the pleasure of hosting several “dessert & discussion” meetings for this great organization in our home over the course of this year.  We have learned so much, while enjoying the opportunity to get to know a fine group of students.

Our group has included students from the following faith backgrounds: Buddhism, Roman Catholicism, Judaism, Eastern Orthodox, Atheism, Evangelical Christianity, Latter-Day Saints, Islam, and Mainline Protestantism.

The purpose of the Interfaith Student Council is two-fold:  (1) to foster an environment where law school students of different faiths can interact with each other and learn to understand each other on a spiritual or religious level; and (2) to be the conduit through which students can effectively communicate any faith-based concerns with the administration.

I was excited to hear the students plan for next year, and I anticipate the continued growth of the ISC!

Al Sturgeon
Assistant Dean for Student Life


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