Graduation Breakfast

Today is a special day. At 10am, our graduating class and faculty will join together in the atrium for Graduation Breakfast.  This special event is simply a final opportunity for the Class of 2014 and its faculty to share a meal together.

At the breakfast, we will hear three special speeches delivered by speakers chosen by the graduating class.  The breakfast speeches are generally lighthearted, humorous, and fun for the audience with a little walk down memory lane.  This year, the female speaker from the Class of 2014 is Annie Lawson, and the male speaker is John Adams.  The faculty speaker chosen by the class is Professor Steve Schultz.

A class photo is taken at the end of the graduation breakfast and then the Class of 2014 will return to entertaining family and friends in town for the graduation ceremony tomorrow.  Here is a picture I snapped from last year’s class while the official photographer was getting prepared:

Class of 2013

Yes, today is a special day.

Al Sturgeon
Dean of Students


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