New Course Offerings

Our upper-division students have been registering for courses for the fall semester.  The following are a few of our brand new course offerings for the fall:

COMMUNITY JUSTICE CLINIC: The Community Justice Clinic provides legal services for non-profit, religious or community organizations who are working to promote justice and to develop opportunities and resources for vulnerable, underserved people and communities. Under faculty supervision, students provide corporate counsel and services, including formation, governance and compliance counsel, and students will advocate for clients, including research, writing, advice and direct representation. With intensive classroom instruction and guidance, students will learn and apply substantive law, interview clients and evaluate matters, draft and file legally operative documents, research and analyze law and policy, advise and counsel clients, make oral and written presentations to clients and constituents, and provide direct representation for clients before courts, governmental bodies and regulators, and in negotiations and mediation.

FIRST AMENDMENT FREEDOMS OF SPEECH, RELIGION AND RELATED RIGHTS: This course will explore major areas of free speech law and related rights, as well as those associated with the freedom of religion. Although the coverage of specific topics may vary, general areas of coverage may include lesser-protected forms of speech such as obscene content, fighting words and threats, and commercial advertising, fully-protected forms of speech, symbolic expression, the government regulating speech in special capacities such as the manager of public lands or public schools, the freedom not to speak, the right of expressive association and the right not to associate, restrictions on campaign spending and fundraising, special rights pertaining to the news media, the free exercise of religion, and laws respecting government establishment of religion. Special attention will be given to the U.S. Supreme Court’s treatment of these areas, including the history, doctrines, policies and theories underlying them, and other factors that may influence the Court’s interpretation of the Constitution with respect to these topics.

GOVERNMENT POLICY AND THE REGULATION OF ENTERTAINMENT AND SPORTS: This course focuses on the impact of the federal legislative process on the entertainment, sports and gaming industries. Students will learn the basics of legislation in these areas, crisis management, and congressional investigations through practical, problem-solving exercises. This course is designed to be equally instructive to the student who intends: to pursue an entrepreneurial business path in the entertainment and sports fields; to enter the corporate workforce; or to join the traditional practice of law. Practical problem-solving exercises in the course will involve a fictitious entertainment entity which will have a real-world legal, business, or regulatory problem, and students will design a plan to solve that problem with an effective and comprehensive public policy advocacy strategy.

LEGAL SPANISH: This course is designed to give law students an understanding of how to effectively communicate with Spanish-speaking clients in a variety of legal representation settings covering multiple substantive topics. Students will gain an effective knowledge of the legal terminology frequently used in representing Spanish-speaking clients, participate in mock interviews, and prepare a final presentation on a topic of substantive law in Spanish at the end of course. Those wishing to take this course should be comfortable speaking and understanding Spanish. The course will be taught in Spanish and participants will be expected to speak and complete assignments in Spanish.

VIDEO GAME LAW: This course encompasses all relevant legal aspects (both fundamental and controversial) of the rapidly expanding video game industry. Topics include asset acquisition, intellectual property issues, trade secrecy, contracts and licenses, end-user rights, anti-competitive practices, and governmental regulation of games with respect to sex, nudity, and violence, as well as products liability, negligence, and misappropriation claims arising from the sale and distribution of modern computer games.


2 thoughts on “New Course Offerings

  1. Danielle says:

    Those classes sound great! I wish we had offered Government Policy and the Regulation of Entertainment and Sports as well as Legal Spanish a few years ago.

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