Launch Week Preview #1

The new Parris Institute for Professional Formation unveils “Launch Week” one week from today.  Embedded in Launch Week is the first course in law school for our entering 1Ls, which is a brand new course titled, “Introduction to Professional Formation.”  We are very excited.

This week, as you might suspect, we are hard at work making the final preparations for Launch Week.  So, on the blog, I thought I would project highlights each day of what is coming next week.  Then, next week, during all the wonderful craziness, I will simply do my best to share pictures (which, as you know, are reportedly worth at least a thousand words each).

Highlights Scheduled for Monday, August 18 (One Week Away!)

  • Welcome coffee with Dean Tacha
  • Invocation from School of Law Dean Emeritus, Ronald F. Phillips, to open the academic year
  • “The Pepperdine Mission” with Dean Sturgeon
  • “How to Make a Difference in the Law” with Judge Andre Birotte (JD ’91)
  • Student Mentors’ Lunch
  • First Law School Class: “Case Briefing: Part 1” with the following professors:
    • Professor Naomi Goodno
    • Professor Victoria Schwartz
    • Professor Robert Popovich
    • Professor Anthony Miller
  • “Launching Great Lawyers” rotation
  • Optional Dinner for Married and Engaged Couples with Danny DeWalt

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