Wednesday Night (Not at Gash Manor, not at the Carons, but at Dean Tacha’s!)

photo (11)

Professor Jim Gash hosts a Wednesday night Bible study at his family’s home each Wednesday night of the academic year, and a large number of law students, primarily members of the Christian Legal Society, attend each week.  This semester, however, Professor Gash is in London, so Professor Paul Caron jumped at the chance to host the weekly event.  However, for the first few weeks of the semester, before it turns cooler, it is best to meet outside, so Professor Caron’s next-door neighbor, Dean Tacha, will host the event in her backyard.

Last night was a great kickoff to the year, and there were 60-70 students in attendance (along with a few professors and family members).  In addition to music, prayers, and announcements from CLS leaders, we had the opportunity to hear from two of our great third-year students, Amanda Sanchez and John Niemeyer!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Night (Not at Gash Manor, not at the Carons, but at Dean Tacha’s!)

  1. Mary Sanchez says:

    It was such a pleasure to attend and be inspired by this amazing group of faithful students who, it is quite evident, really care about, and support, one another as a family. Thank you for opening your “doors” so that we family members can share in the love and joy too! Mary Sanchez (Mom of Amanda)

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