One of the craziest aspects of law school is how quickly the time goes.  I cannot believe it is already October.

October is really the heart of the fall semester.  The energy of Launch Week and the first days of school in August carry us through September,  November is when attention turns to the important final exam period in early December, but October is when the work load truly sets in.  October is the time in the semester when students need to settle into a good pace and  fight through the onslaught of midterm exams and writing projects.

But October will bring other special events, too:

  • On Friday, October 3, classes are canceled for the University Faculty Conference.  This is good timing for the students!
  • On October 10-11, we bring to campus a tremendous national conference on domestic violence.
  • On October 11, the SBA hosts Barrister’s Ball, which is fondly referred to as the “law school prom.”
  • On October 13-16, we host “table days” for our upper-division students where bar exam course companies come to campus to market their products.
  • On October 23, the Parris Institute will host an all-day Capstone Day to bring the Introduction to Professional Formation course from Launch Week to an end.
  • And near the end of the month, our fun Law Library will host “Fright Fest” to bring some levity to the stress of October, complete with the annual SBA costume contest.

Big month ahead.  I’d better get to work!


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