Armand Arabian Advocacy Tournament Final Round


The final round of the Armand Arabian Advocacy Tournament was spectacular.  First, we had an amazing final round bench, with two sitting federal judges who also happen to be Pepperdine Law alums and a retired federal immigration judge who also happens to be a popular long-time adjunct faculty member.

But the stars were our two 3L finalists — David Moreshead and Scott Sasser.  Typically, after a moot court argument, the judges compliment the finalists and offer some pointers on how to improve.  This was the first time I have witnessed a final round bench with absolutely nothing to say in critique!  They were that good.

But the judges had to declare a winner, and in the end, David Moreshead (second from the right above) emerged as champion!

Congratulations to both David and Scott for their great work!



2 thoughts on “Armand Arabian Advocacy Tournament Final Round

  1. Jon says:

    Mr. Sturgeon,
    We are certainly proud parents, but especially appreciate your work and interest in keeping parents and friends up-to-date with the great things going on in the law school!

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