Pepperdine Law Ranked 5th In Mid-Career Salary Earnings

The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article yesterday based on a survey published by PayScale on mid-career earnings by graduate schools.  Of the 55 law schools with enough reports for statistical validity, Pepperdine ranked #5.  And, of the 600 graduate programs ranked in the entire survey, Pepperdine Law was ranked #6 overall.

Here is the opening of the Wall Street Journal article:

At $201,000 a year, Harvard Law School alumni earn more than those of any other U.S. graduate school by the midpoint in their careers. Ashford University master’s graduates earn the least at that stage, and Loma Linda University graduates are the most confident they are making the world a better place.

The data come courtesy of the online salary-information company PayScale, which has asked 1.4 million people what they earn in return for finding out how they stack up against their peers. The site is designed to help employees negotiate a better salary.

The survey pulled data for more than 600 graduate schools, including only those for which there were enough respondents to make their answers statistically valid.

Among their findings: the midcareer median salary for seven of the top 10 graduate programs were law schools, but business schools produced eight out of the top 10 highest salaries for those less than five years past graduation. Eight of the top 17 programs that produced graduates with the highest midcareer salary were in California, many in and around Silicon Valley.

PayScale has been producing undergraduate salary reports since 2008, but this is the company’s first stab at a graduate-school survey.


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