Class of 2017 Professionalism Oath

Yesterday was the inaugural Parris Institute Launch Week’s Capstone Day.  It was an outstanding day.

Our 1L class had the unique opportunity to watch ten different attorneys in action in front of the three-person Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, followed by an insightful Q & A with the judges.

Later, they had another unique opportunity — to hear from Los Angeles City Attorney, Mike Feuer, again followed by a wonderful Q & A session.

Finally, the Class of 2017 worked together to construct their very own oath of professionalism, which was administered to them by the Honorable Terry Jill Adamson.  Following the oath, they signed their names in a gorgeous book to commemorate this special occasion:

Here is the oath they wrote for the Class of 2017:

We as the 1L 2017 class of Pepperdine School of Law do hereby take this Oath of Professionalism this 23 day of October 2014:

We solemnly swear:

– We will spiritedly represent our clients in the pursuit of Justice.
– We will take our assignments seriously regardless of their magnitude and make the most of our opportunities
– We will perform our duties with the highest level of integrity
– We will treat our peers and opponents with honesty and civility regardless of circumstances.
– We will not sacrifice our conviction in pursuit of our passions in law, maintaining our morals even under duress.
– We will value and pursue opportunities to serve our fellow man with our acquired skills and abilities.
– We will uphold the honorable tradition of the Justice System and endeavor to change the view of lawyers for the better.
– We will uphold the Pepperdine School of Law Honor Code
– We will strive to make our legacy at the Pepperdine School of Law one of tenacity and valor.


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