Convicted Civility


One of our law students displayed great leadership skills yesterday in organizing a peaceful “die in” demonstration similar to those seen around the nation over the last few months.  The student partnered with a law student organization (Advocates for Public Interest Law) and the Office of Intercultural Affairs at Pepperdine University.  Students from other schools at Pepperdine came to the law school to participate.

Last year, I heard Professor (former President) Richard Mouw from Fuller Theological Seminary speak.  I asked his impressions of Pepperdine, and he said that he believed that Pepperdine had the opportunity to model what he calls “convicted civility.”  He said that people with strong convictions often aren’t very civil and that people who are very civil often don’t express strong convictions.  Professor Mouw believes the the world needs people to express strong convictions in a civil manner–and that Pepperdine can be a place for such a thing to take place.

I thought of that yesterday and was proud of the law students involved in the demonstration both for expressing their strong convictions regarding justice and for doing so in a wonderfully civil, peaceful manner.


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