Student Survey Launch

I must be a nerd when I get excited by the launch of a survey!

This morning, if all went as planned, all law students received an email with a link to a new survey about their experiences as law students at Pepperdine.  As the dean of students, I am particularly interested in knowing where we are meeting the expectations of students and where there is room for improvement.

Our students participated in the national Law School Survey of Student Engagement in 2006 and 2013, but this is the first opportunity the law school has taken to develop our own instrument (in conjunction with Pepperdine’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness) so that we can ask our own specific questions.  Last year, I did a test run of a survey with our third-year students, but this year’s survey is extended to all of our students.

Once the survey concludes in late February and the results are compiled, we should receive fascinating insight into the makeup of our student body and their opinions on all aspects of the law school.  What I find even more exciting is our ongoing use of this survey instrument so that we can track responses from year to year (i.e., if 1Ls’ opinions change as they become 2Ls, and then 3Ls).

Okay, as I re-read my post, I really must be a nerd.  🙂


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