Gary Haugen

The growth and good work of the International Justice Mission is fascinating.  “IJM” (as it is popularly known) now enjoys immense popularity on college campuses as students interested in social justice dream of working for justice around the world.

IJM founder, President & CEO, Gary Haugen, is an inspiration to many, and Pepperdine is honored to be one of two law schools that Gary takes the time out of his busy schedule to teach at each year–Pepperdine, and his alma mater, the University of Chicago.

Gary has been here this week to teach his course, “International Criminal Law, Human Rights, and the Development of the Rule of Law.”  In addition, he graciously attended a Bible study hosted by the Christian Legal Society student organization on Wednesday night to speak to the students.  His message came via a conversation with his co-teacher and the host of the Wednesday night Bible study, Professor Jim Gash.

Gary’s contribution to Pepperdine Law is a great blessing to many of our students.

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