Final Day (Day Ten) of Spring Final Exams!

Well, it ends today, and it has been quite a year.  Our 3Ls are now graduates scheduled to receive their diplomas one week from today.  Our 2Ls are now rising 3Ls.  And, late this afternoon once our 1Ls emerge from the Introduction to Ethical Lawyering exam (with Professors Cochran, Ogden, and Weston), they will be rising 2Ls.

Meanwhile, our new 1L class is in the process of forming.  What a great time of year!

Next week is Graduation Week, which is always a great week.  I will share some graduation-related posts throughout the week and then share a major announcement about this blog.

Thanks for reading along during this great year!


2 thoughts on “Final Day (Day Ten) of Spring Final Exams!

  1. gracedaley says:

    We can not thank you enough for your enabling us to follow our granddaughter through her 3 years of law school. You allowed us to be participants in her progress and life at Pepperdine.

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