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Therapy Dog Day


The last Friday of the semester (class wise) meant some furry visitors wold be stopping by as Al noted on his Thursday post.  Therapy Dog Day is always a huge hit with the students especially as we close out the semester.  There were four different dogs that came to visit today with approximately 50 students anxiously waiting to greet them.

Next week we’ll have three days of normal class before taking the rest of the week off from class.  Final Examinations will commence on April 28th and end on May 9th.


US Army JAG Flora Darpino visits Pepperdine Law



Today Lieutenant General Flora D. Darpino, the 39th Judge Advocate General of the US Army is on campus to talk about her distinguished career and the challenges that come with being the first woman in the 236 year history of the JAG core.  In addition, to her impressive resume, Darpino is highly decorated with awards including the Bronze Star Medal, Defense Superior Service Medal and Army Commendation Medal.

Really special to have Lieutenant General Darpino in the building.  She has such an important job to do for our country!




Open House for Admitted Students

Today the School of Law welcomes prospectives to our  ‘Admitted Students Open House’. It’s a great chance for prospective students to “kick the tires” at the place they might be spending the next three years (or less if interested in our AO program)

A record number of students, family and friends arrived today to gather as much information as possible before making this important decision.  After lunch, students get a chance to talk with various different student organization leaders before sitting in on a Criminal Law class with professor Carol Chase and finishing the day with special tours of the law school.

Lots of good things happening today!

Open House


National Security Law Symposium


Today, Pepperdine School of Law is hosting a symposium on National Security Law led by newly tenured professor, Greg McNeal.  Professor McNeal has amassed an amazing array of speakers including former General Counsel of the CIA, John Rizzo.

Mr. Rizzo, spoke to the group about the challenges of sanctioning “Advanced Interrogation Techniques” in the wake of 9/11.  Very Interesting stuff to say the least.

Additional panels included topics on:

  • The Future of National Security Law
  • American National Security Surveillance
  • Whether the 2001 Authorization for use of Military force should be renewed?

If you’re at all interested, the respective panels are available for viewing here.


Have a great weekend!


Dean’s Forum today discusses important Law School topics

Dean Tacha held an open forum today to discuss some very popular topics amongst the Pepperdine Law community.   At least twice annually the Dean takes time to meet with the student body to discuss important topics and make herself available for questions.  Today’s topics included:

  • US news and World Report Rankings
  • Bar Passage rates
  • Job Placement percentages 

Typically, the meeting last about one hour with the last fifteen minutes of the meeting left for the students to speak amongst themselves with the acting SBA President.  It’s our hope that these meetings help to increase dialogue between the administration and the students.  If that’s not enough, we hope the Diddy Riese Cookies add a nice touch too!  They never seem to last long enough for me to enjoy seconds!




Mother Mary Jones and the work of law students

Most of the time we focus our Blog energies on things happening specifically here at Pepperdine. Today, however, I want to focus some attention on a wonderful situation that happened in large part to the students of a local law school (USC).

74 year-old Mary Virginia Jones was released today from an LA prison some 32 years after new information was introduced.  You can read more about it here.

Mary’s victory was the work of law students at the University of Southern California’s Post-Conviction Justice Project.  These students challenged her case, claiming she would not have been convicted if the jury had heard expert testimony about the impact of intimate partner battering, formerly referred to as battered women’s syndrome.

As I researched the program at USC, I was happy to find there are programs/projects like this one on several law schools campuses across the country. The Innocence Project in particular has already over 300 convicted persons.

Learning the law is great but it’s incredibly powerful when its learned put into practice with the aim of providing justice for those without much of a voice.  Maybe we can look at growing a program like this here at Pepperdine Law soon!?!?


The Orange Book

Beginning at lunch this coming Monday, March 24th.  The School of Law will commence Academic Advising Week.  AAW is a week long set of lunchtime activities provided for 1L’s to learn about the numerous possibilities available to them during their second and third years of law school.

During the week students will have the opportunity to learn about available programs, clinics and externships, meet with faculty, to learn about specific class offerings and even do a little networking at the career practice fair hosted by our Career Development Office.

All of the information is delivered to 1L’s in the form of something we call the ‘Orange Book’.  It’s going to be a busy week but it’s a really important one for keeping students on track during their law school career.






In N Out Day!!!


Today wasn’t just a normal Wednesday here on campus. Today was the annual In-N-Out truck visit sponsored by SBA!

Free Cheesburgers, Hamburgers and Grilled Cheese for all students, faculty and staff is always a hit and today was no different!

The In-N-Out truck cooked up over 450 burgers between lunch – 1:30pm today, it was great to have them out taking care of all these  hungry folks!




41st annual School of Law Dinner


Just a reminder that today is the final day of school before Spring Break!  Although some staff will be around, many of us will use the time to take vacation (including yours truly).  School will start back up on Monday, March 17th.

Tomorrow will be our 41st Annual Law School Dinner at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza.  The dinner will serve as a gathering of current and former Pepperdine Law students  along with other important friends of the school. The dinner will feature the Honorable Samuel A. Alito, the 110th justice of the US Supreme Court.

Reception begins at 6:30pm with dinner served promptly at 7:30pm.  By now I’m hoping you all have your tickets!!!


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Yesterday I announced three new Student organizations that will be active here at the School of Law effective immediately.  The organizations are the result of passionate students who felt a strong need for something that currently did not exist here at Pepperdine Law.   I’m excited about these new groups, their leadership teams and all they will do to further enhance the co-curricular experience here at Pepperdine Law.

  • Networking Society (DRPC) – The group is created to establish referral and support relationships in and amongst the group toward the goal of securing post-graduate jobs in various legal fields.  The group will be run in conjunction with the schools CDO.  Assistant Dean Selina Brandt will serve as advisor and include mock interviews, resume and cover letter workshops and of course, networking functions.
  • LSCY (Law Students as Catalyst for Youth) –  LSCY will mentor teenage youth in high school and juvenile detention centers as they prepare to enter adulthood and become productive member of our society. LSCY will,  by providing guidance, knowledge, and demystifying higher education, advance Pepperdine’s mission by striving to ensure mentees are strengthened for lives of purpose, service, and leadership.  LSCY will be an outreach made up of Pepperdine University School of Law students, faculty, and alumni. The faculty advisor will be Stephanie Bell.
  • Video Game Law Society –  This group will exist to provide student interaction with professionals working in the video game industry (including publishers, developers, trademark & patent attorneys and journalists.) and their respective companies and firms.  The group hopes to aid members in their preparation for a career in the video game sector of law and business. The faculty advisor will be Ed Larson.