Graduation Breakfast!

Graduation breakfast is held the day before the actual graduation ceremony (which means the breakfast is today!!!).  It is one of the most fun and most special events of the entire year.

The breakfast is just for graduates and faculty. At the breakfast,there will be a class photo, awards announced and given, and speeches from (i) a law professor, (ii) a female 3L, and (iii) a male 3L. The speakers are selected by the graduating class.

The Class of 2015 selected the following individuals to speak this year:
• Female Students: Laura Grubb & Cathy Chukwueke (there was a tie!)
• Male Student: Dustin Hesseltine
• Faculty Member: Jim Gash

2 thoughts on “Graduation Breakfast!

  1. Jon says:

    (More formally, Mr. Sturgeon, but your personableness coming through these posts makes “Al” seem more appropriate)
    Wanted to spend a few moments first to thank you for your efforts and perseverance in writing the blog posts over the past three years. You started these as our son began his Pepperdine Law experience and, as intended, you kept us well and interestingly informed of his experience at Pepperdine.
    More importantly, we wanted to thank you for being you. Our son has repeatedly told us that you are the most Godly, Spirit-like man he has ever met, being open, listening to him, dialoguing with him and Loving him with Real, Heartfelt Love that he has not received or felt from any other. That is worth way more than any education! and for that and your Heart we are SOOO thankful! Father has truly blessed him, and us as a result, with you!

    Thank You!

    May Father return to you many times over what you have been, have given, and continue to give to students every day!

    • Al Sturgeon says:

      Paul Simon had it right when he sang, “You can call me Al.” 🙂

      Your kind words mean more to me than I can express. It is such an honor and blessing for me to walk alongside these amazing students. They will change the world, and I feel fortunate to know them.

      Thank you for reading along and for sending us your son. We have been blessed by your gift.

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